Sunday, 10 January 2016


I can't cry right now. Well it's  sounds like my heart broken too much.

Can i just woke up from this kind of nightmare?
Someone that i love so much (or maybe too much) just tear my heart out.
I can't believe it hurts so bad like what i felt in the past. But it much worst.
My best friend told me i have to be strong and just let him go. But i can't. All i want to do is crying over the night and don't want to go to school. It just too hurt to see him. I never felt this worst before.
It feels like i'm in a long nightmare with no ending. When will I wake up? When will i have my life again?

I'm smiling but I'm dying trying not to drag my feet

Hey, what's wrong with loving someone so much? Only love mother dan father so much that'll never hurt. A good song says first time you said that i was yours, you change my life around. Loving you is like living in heaven, but the day when you broke my heart i felt from up above. If only i could tell you how hurt i am. I know what you feel, but you don't know how dying i'm inside.

Well my friend told me If it is not you who wake yourself up, who can? and i ask myself what's wrong with me? I can't even wake myself up. It sad that i don't live in a happily-ever-after stories, where the one that always hurt, find their own beautiful happiness.

And if you hurt me, that's OK, baby, only words bleed. The truth is... that's not OK at all.

January 2016

Sunday, 20 December 2015

20 Desember 2015

Hujan takturun
Sepi rasanya
Hawa dingin kesepian tanpa cipratan air hujan yang harum

Aku berbaring dengan nyeri hati yang datang
Datang tiba-tiba karena mu
Yang entah mengapa sangat menyayat hati

Aku menyayangimu dengan setulus-tulusnya hati
Yah sudahlah, takguna ku ceritakan panjang lebar
Lagipula akan menambah perih

Aku berharap kau kembali kepada sosokmu yang dulu
Sangat mustahil untuk terjadi
Entahlah, aku tetap berharap

Untukmu yang mungkin tidak akan pernah tau aku menulis ini
Untukmu yang tidak akan pernah tau rasanya menjadi seorang aku
Untukmu yang menjadi bagian dari doa
Kuharap ada hembusan angin dari Yang Maha Penguasa Hati yang akan memperbaikimu